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Team of DEBIT Coin (DBC) has experience,
Cloud Banks (money exchangers), own Messanger (Telegraf Money), VISA/MC processing
for fast DEBIT Coin-VISA/MC convertations and other
powerful tools for bussiness promotion related to DEBIT Coin cryptocurrency.


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DEBIT Coin is a decentralized crypto currency for performing any operations between community members, replenishing VISA/MC cards tied to the Telegraf.Money messenger, for issuing and receiving short-term loans on the block, creating smart deposits, accepting and sending payments Between users of the messenger.

Take part in earnings the crypto currencies from the comfort of your phone

With Bounty Starter, Telegraf.Money and DEBIT Coin

Earning AltCoins

Earnings of a large number of different crypto currencies

AltCoins promotion

Powerful tool to promote your crypto currency

Blockchain Deposits

Now you establish the interests and terms of deposits yourself

instant remittance

Transfer fiat money across borders, instantaneously

foreign exchange

Buy foreign currency and use it globally

Multi crypto wallet

DEBIT Coin Gold - "cold" wallet will be able to hold and store ETH, BTC and other cryptocurrency.

easy cashout

Withdraw cash at ATMs, local exchanges with the click of a button

DBC Debit Card

Connect your crypto currencies to your Telegraf.Money debit card to spend money

DEBIT Coin Wallet


Web version is available at Telegraf.Money (iOS, Mac, PC)

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What is Bounty Starter

1. Opportunity to earn crypto currencies

Different tasks to earn crypto currencies (make reposts in social networks, write your notes and reviews, write comments on the forums or become a currency representative for the country)

2. Fast settlement of disputable situations

Ticket system for every tasks for fast settlement of disputable situations

3. Protection from bots

Protection from bots with deduction of earned finances for a period of time

4. Increase in revenue due to the growth of the crypto currency

Increase in profit over time due to an increase in the cost of crypto currency

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